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Singleplayer Gamemode "Hunt": Public Beta is now available until 14th of August!


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"A wonderful multiplayer game in which we are a creature and fill our evil plans or teen with the last hope for humanity. Many modes including the single-player." -Global Reviews

"Let's just say - a very interesting concept of the story. Multiplayer game where you can play as a teenagers or evil creature. Many new features are planned to be added soon!" -OutStanding Reviews


"Well done multiplayer concept which turns the tides as we play as heinous monster to pursuit to fulfill our plans! Graphics are splendid, a game with great potential! ★★★★★" -Excellent Reviews

Armed forces prepare themselves. Alarm in the military base on the coast. The first satellite images arrive. Something has crashed earlier. And since then, a huge amount of energy is building up. Strong enough to completely destroy a big city. In the crash area, the sirens have been activated to warn the civilians. No reaction. They continue to move towards the creature.

Arrival of the armed forces: 40 minutes.

Scientists have discovered what this energy increase is for. The creature bends the space and creates a portal. Until this point is reached, only 30 minutes remain, clearly too late.

The civilians have to somehow manage to act alone, otherwise it comes to fatal consequences. Kill or Die Mode: Up to four teenagers are on this island, along with the creature. You've already figured out what's going on here. These crystals, which are distributed on the island, must have properties that are essential for opening the portal.

The creature will hunt and kill them. Disable the creature's shield as a teenager and kill it, or stop the teen as a creature and kill them! Kill or die!

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Early Access Information: This game is in the early access phase. We are a small team and continue to develop this game. Planned are still:

Single player mode "Hunt": You are alone with the creature on a big island. Try to kill the creature before it kills you. To do this there are several ways on the island to make this easier for you. However, the creature has abilities that you know nothing about. Solve puzzles, explore and have a strategy. Only when it's all over can you get away from this island.

Multiplayer mode "Last Dawn" 10 vs. 10: The armed forces have arrived and some are gradually coming. However, the portal has already been opened. More are coming from this creature. There are two teams in this mode. As a human you must try to protect a rocket long enough to close the portal. If this does not work, you have to destroy it with several bombs. As a creature, you must protect the portal and destroy the people's rocket before it can be shot down.

Multiplayer mode "Betray": Four teenagers are trapped in a big abandoned house. There are three keys to open a portal outside. One has to stay behind and dies. There is a creature in this house that hunts you but does not kill you. She just steals the key and hides it again. These keys are cursed, so the others can easily see you through the wall. Only escape and betrayal is the way out.

Multiplayer mode "The Virus": The creature is in an inhabited area. The people there are afraid, but bravely fight against the creature. What they do not know is that they have a virus that affects thinking. If you are the creature, try to infect everyone. As a human, you have to defend yourself and paralyze the infected and take them to a place where they are healed. Also planned is a single player story mode and a multiplayer "hunt" mode.

In addition, more and more creatures, characters and maps are being added.

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